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Antonio Cavaliere


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Statutory and voluntary auditing of the statutory and consolidated financial statements
Limited Audit Non-Financial Statement (Sustainability Report or Social Report)
Reporting Package Review
Review of interim financial statements prepared for internal and external information purposes
Periodic checks on the regular keeping of the accounts
Accounting audits and monitoring of projects financed / incentivized with public funds

Support for the first application of IAS / IFRS (FTA)
Support for the preparation of financial statements according to IFRS, US Gaap, UK Gaap, China Gaap
Support for the preparation of financial statements according to OIC Gaap

Assistance in solving technical accounting problems
Assistance in the preparation of consolidated financial statements
Study for the optimization of working capital
Organizational analysis of the administrative area
Support in the Pre-IPO accounting organization process
 Accounting due diligence services in relation to the acquisition of companies, businesses or business units



Implementation of tournaround restructuring plans, covering the role of Chief Restructuring Officer
Management of the Administration, Finance and Control area, covering the role of Chief Financial Officer
Assistance in all phases of the company turnaround covering the functions of Restructuring Manager
Support in defining the system of proxies and powers of attorney

Direct assumption of the function of audits on behalf of the function
Risk assessment and preparation of risk based audit plans

Participation in the meetings of the Board and execution of specific audits at their request
Independent Directors' Executive
Independent assessment of the Internal Audit function



Support in aligning the Company's internal models with current legislation (Decree 231/2001)
Assistance in setting up a risk management system consistent with the Coso ERM Report

 Definition of administrative and accounting procedures Law 262/2005 and SOX compliant
 Risk assessment of the individual balance sheet items
 Identification of key controls and execution of periodic audits

 Vendor accounting due diligence in relation to the sale of companies, businesses or business units
 Testing of reliability of internal control systems
 Analysis, design and development of accounting procedures
 Assistance in the implementation of internal procedures 
 Analysis of the organization in the administrative office
 Redesign of business processes and internal organization, assistance in the definition of internal procedures
 Judicial audit engagements

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