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The world moves for those who know where to go

Founded in 2005, ANTONIO CAVALIERE’s office offers audit and accounting consultancy services. Antonio Cavaliere is on the register of auditors created under a legislative decree of January 27, 1992. Antonio Cavaliere is a Certified Public Accountant, registered with the Order of Professional Accountants of Padua.  Antonio Cavaliere is a Statutory Auditor and Member of the Board of Directors of important domestic and multinational companies.  Antonio Cavaliere has acquired considerable experience with Mergers and Acquisitions and has been involved in important cross-border projects - audit and advisory -.

ANTONIO CAVALIERE’s office operates throughout Italy and it is able to assist its clients in all of the leading countries in the world through a network with other international auditing companies.


ANTONIO CAVALIERE’s office client base is exceptionally diverse, a result of our capacity to tailor work to specific client needs.

a) Registro dei revisori legali dei conti al n. 125965 (D.M. 23/07/2002, G.U. 30/07/2002 nr. 60)

b) Albo dei Dottori Commercialisti ed Esp. Cont. sez. A di Padova al nr. 01270 A

c) Albo dei Giornalisti del Veneto



•   Delivering on our promises

•   Focusing relentlessly on our clients’ needs
•   Fostering a culture of responsiveness and long-term collaboration
•   Striving to be our clients’ trusted advisors on strategic matters


•   Providing top level service at highest international standards

•   Offering deep sectoral knowledge and know-how
•   Providing pragmatic, business-minded advice


•   Delivering seamless services across all jurisdictions

•   Working smart to reduce our clients’ audit spend
•   Offering flexible structures that enable attractive fee arrangements
•   Leveraging technology and innovation to deliver best results

ANTONIO CAVALIERE speaks the language of the world with established relationships and a shared perspective on the future

Think and talk straight



Antonio Cavaliere

Via Curzola, 11
35135 Padova


+ 39 049 864 2491

+ 39 348 002 3591


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